Allow Audit Logs to record access to BetterCloud using Access Control Roles and schedule reports based on the logs

Having the ability to view BetterCloud Audit logs when admins access BetterCloud using an Access Control role would allow for activity based audits of our admins and would help further justification so we can better understand who is using the product. Having the ability to also schedule reports based on these logs, we could do a better job of assigning the correct permission to roles. Example would be a job function may only require BetterCloud access and no longer need G suite c-panel access where currently they are tied together. When there is no action in the G Suite c-panel (based on Google activity log), the BetterCloud access gets removed as well. Having the reporting to see BetterCloud access would allow us to separate these permissions and allow a job function to keep one or the other based on usage.

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  • May 14 2019
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