Ability to customize domain-wide new user welcome emails to be used in bulk

Currently, the welcome email generated follows this format: 

Subject: Welcome to G Suite
Great News. You have a new account at <Company Name>.
Your username is: <username>
Your password is: <password>.
People can send you email at this address:<email address>
You can sign in to <company name> services at:<domain name used to create the account>
Please contact your administrator for questions.


We would like the ability to edit some of this information. 

  • Add the domain to the subject-line 
    • eg: "You have a new G Suite account at Company Name" 
  • Add prompt to activate multi-factor authentication
    • eg: "Don't forget to set up the required 2-factor authentication within the next 48 hours to avoid getting locked out."
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  • Mar 11 2019
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