Add more condition statements for Okta

Currently the only IF condition statement for Okta is "User's Department" this is very limiting when building workflows if your company uses Okta as its source of truth. It would be great if you added more fields like "User's Location" or "User's Sub-Team", this would greatly increase the usability of Bettercloud and allow for a wider range of workflows that can be done. Currently with just having the one condition it is extremely limiting and constricts the workflows that you can do in Bettercloud, regarding Okta, down to just department related workflows. 


For instance my company breaks its Departments up into Sub-Teams that all have different access permissions and team drives and groups that a user needs to be added to when onboarded. Because we use Okta as our source of truth, right now we are only able to create workflows to onboard employees to the general department because there isn't a way to create additional workflows for the other sub-teams. This is greatly limiting and we still have to add new employees to the right groups/drives/software manually according to the sub-team. Since most employees fall into a sub-team this greatly limits what Bettercloud can do for us. 

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  • Mar 1 2019
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    Blaine Veal commented
    20 Mar 13:38

    Hi Connie,

    This is Blaine from BetterCloud. Thank you for submitting this feedback!

    Have you explored the Okta conditions available within BetterCloud Alerts? Our events in Alert offer more conditions and can also be used as workflow triggers.

    With respect to "Sub-Team", is this a custom field specific to your company's Okta environment?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


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    Guest commented
    20 Mar 20:57

    Hey Blaine, 

    Thanks for getting back to me! I have not checked out the conditions available in alerts. I am not exactly sure what you mean. Do you have a reference guide I can follow to see how to do this? 


    I am not sure it the Sub-Team field is custom to my org's Okta environment or if this is standard for Okta. It is the field we fill out when creating new users in Okta. 




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