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Time after time, we are mind mapping to visualize how our automated processes work. Whether that is on a dry erase board, a sticky note, an etch a sketch, your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper (look it up if you don't remember those) and other forms of artistic critical thinking. Wouldn't it be nice to hit a beautiful blue button that said EXPORT - MIND MAP! BetterCloud already does a fantastic job at dragging and dropping triggers to your new or existing workflows. This takes that one step further to provide a visual representation of the work you put into creating that beautiful automated business beast we call Workflows.

Mind Mapping has been extremely beneficial across all industries and organizations. It is a graphical way to visual present ideas and conceptual designs to stakeholders, executives, and other business leaders (internal/external) to provide structure and understanding. Using this method, the entire workflow can be organized and shown on a large display to give everyone that "WOW" factor! Brainstorming and identifying each relationship, this provides clarity and confidence on how the workflow simplifies the automated process. Visualizing can even help discover new relationships or even missed ones.

I have attached a mock up example of the button and the visual mind map. I used this in a previous meeting and they want more! I truly feel this could open the door to engaging more end users to create smarter and effective workflows in the BC platform, and even moving forward with future connectors and integrations using the API. This is a limitless opportunity!

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  • Jan 30 2019
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    Blaine Veal commented
    01 Feb 22:55

    Hey Chris,

    This is a great idea! I've used mind maps before but had never considered how they relate to Workflows (which makes complete sense). Are you thinking along the lines of a PDF export?


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    Guest commented
    02 Feb 19:51



    Absolutely - you read my mind - a PDF export that you would print or display on a larger screen. Extending the documentation with a mind map by integrating with other platforms is the long term vision. If we can find a way to facilitate the automation of documenting the workflow the possibilities are limitless. Going a step further: It would be nice to be able to have a version number as well (show when this workflow was originally created and when the last revision was made and by which admin). Happy to be a tester :)

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    Guest commented
    04 Mar 14:26

    +1. We have many workflows, some ending in 'add to group' some beginning with 'add to group'. You could quite easily create loops with multiple admins working on the platform. That aside, it would be great to visualise/export how our workflows interact with one another and assess which workflows are less affective in achieving the desired outcome.

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