Re-check Logic in Workflow Wait For Duration

In order for WFD to really be of benefit to us, we need logic that will recheck the original condition. We plan to use this feature to automatically delete accounts after a certain amount of time has passed, but we don't feel comfortable automating this without it rechecking in case a user's employment status has changed during the waiting period.
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  • Feb 5 2018
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    September 05, 2018 17:54

    This would also be super great for reducing false alerts on things like users in the wrong org unit or without managers, etc.  On account creation it's perfectly reasonable for a user to be in the root org and not have the profile populated, but after a given time period these should have been addressed. 

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    October 04, 2018 13:56

    I didn't even realize this wasn't already part of that. That seems like something absolutely crucial to a delay greater than a few hours..

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